April 17th, 2013



Having a little bit of a catch up (school holidays always seem to take me away from the internet!).

Firstly here are some bags full of records - recently returned from the lockup to be put back up into the loft (didn't want them up there last year when we had the roof off!). If only we still had a turntable, browsing through these with that wonderful 'record' smell brought back memories of younger days and made me want to listen to them all again.

Week 14 - Bag


A great glass structure, just visible through the leaves.

Week 15 - Glass

We visited Bicton Park Botanical Gardens whilst on holiday in Devon a few years ago, and it was one of the most beautiful places I'd ever been. I thought I must have taken a picture of the exterior of the Palm House (one of four big glasshouses there) but couldn't find one. So a little bit of the inside it is, though I've put someone else's picture under the cut so you can see the whole thing.

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