May 3rd, 2013

  • ysilme

Store: we store the things that are important to us...

This is where a very important part of my life is stored:
A regular harddrive, in this case the one of my old computer. On it, there are my stories and texts, my fotos, my emails, my music; the necessary info to access all kind of digital things important to me, like blogs, journals, forums, and, mainly, the people I communicate online with. Also, countless things I've found, noted, scanned and stored over time, no matter if important or just silly, and lately also a surprising number of ebooks (or the access to them).
Everything faithfully kept, carefully backupped not only on one device (and still there was some painful loss of a certain amount of pictures) and put back on the next computer. In case of fire the first thing I would have grabbed certainly was my computer! ;o)

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