May 22nd, 2013

Whale door handle
  • ysilme

The fruit of my labour

Oh dear, I'm so far behind, but life has been surprisingly busy lately, and to answer this prompt I needed certain weather-related requirements which meant I didn't manage it in the proper prompt week.

But finally, my entry for preserve - another one about canned goods. Not very original, but delicious - samples of my favourite home-made preserves ever:

Our old apple-tree, climbing fortress for cats, hanging post for the hammock, winter buffet for
countless birds, and manufacturer of the basics for apple juice and apple sauce. The sauce I make
myself, for the juice we bring the apples to the local co-op and get delicious, naturally cloudy,
sugar-fee juice for  ten cent the bottle.
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These are my favourite preserves, missing two I had neither jars nor plants to shoot: elderflower jelly and
gingered sweet-sour pumpkin pickle. The jars always seem to vanish into thin air after some time.... *g*