June 8th, 2013



My hubby and I are terrible with keeping track of coins. We probably have hundreds of dollars lying around in odd places (I store a lot of change in a small bin in my truck - easy to grab what I need for drive-thru or to toss change in without digging into purse). This is his overflowing coin catching bowl on a dresser.

 photo P1010633_zps475db7a0.jpg


Trying to catch up, sorry have no idea which week this is supposed to be.

My frig is very pedestrian: at the top a souvenir card from Thailand, below it the council's collections dates for garbage, recycling and other. The one at the bottom shows how to read the water meter.

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I have a lot of magnets in an ice cream container, which I remember seeing just after we moved house. One day I will find them. They were more interesting.