June 10th, 2013

  • ysilme

Catching up: Spice

I love cooking with spices, and to experiment with dishes from other cultures and cross-over cooking. Over time, my spice collection has grown, and to be honest I couldn't be bothered taking all the jars and glasses out for a shot. *g*. So when the Winterwizard, enthusiastic hobby botanist, ordered some "spicy" plants as an experiment to grow in the house, I decided to wait until the order came in and take pictures of these. The order took longer than expected, and then the weather was too bad to shoot them together with the local herbs growing in the garden, so have this indoor shot with some of them instead:

In the blue box, left to right, there is galangal/aromatic ginger, followed by a kaffir lime, a tiny curry tree and cardamom. Behind that in the pot is self-grown ginger with a "ginger man" sitting on the pot, as the root I had just bought looked like some kind of munchkin. *g*
The leaves from the curry tree will actually be a first to use, since I can't buy them anywhere fresh, and all my Indian cook books say that the dried ones don't give an idea of the aroma. I don't know if all these  will be growing well enough to harvest even kept in the house in our Central European climate, but we'll see - with the exception of the ginger, that works already well as we know. I still need much more than he can grow, but some of the ginger I cook with is from the own harvest!