June 12th, 2013

  • ysilme

Catching up: stamp, coins, toys

Old and new toys - re-using a shot I did last month for a podfic icon *g*

My most favourite toys ever have been books and bricks - Lego bricks mainly.
My dad fell in love with Lego when it first came out in Germany, and justified spending some of his little money on it by getting it for his baby daughter. So I literally grew up with the coloured bricks - and back then there were only white, blue and red ones and nothing else - no windows or roof tiles, no wheels  or figures... *g*  The Lego love has stuck, I'm kind of collecting some of the sets of the fandoms I love and even undo and redo them from time to time.
The mic is my newest toy since I was introduced to recording podfic and read_lotr_aloud...
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