June 15th, 2013


I have been collecting stamps since I was a young child, and these are just a few Australian stamps that I had put away in an envelope. Going through these caused me to think a thesis could be written on the evolvement of stamps, since they are quite a social history in themselves. The one on the right hand side, with Queens Elizabeth's orange head to the left of it was a commemorative stamp for the 1956 Olympic Games which were held in Melbourne. They are the only games I have attended. The 2nd one down from it also commemorates an Olympic games but I needed a magnifying glass to determine which one it was.
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I have no children, and no pets, so this was either going to be yet another techy or craft equipment pic or.... I do have some small soft toys that sit along the shelf above my bed.

They are all gifts from hobbitmum - apart from one, the meerkat at the back, which I recently received from dear gwendraith.