June 17th, 2013



So much for keeping up-to-date!

Week 22 - Stamp

I don't collect and keep stamps in an album, but this is a collection that was in the pocket of my handbag waiting to be taken in to work, as our receptionist sends used stamps off to the RSPB when she's got an envelope full. I presume they sell them on as a fund-raiser.
Heyer - wealthy mortification


Week 23 - Coins

Yes, we've got one too, the copper collecting pot for all those 1p, 2p (and it seems 5p) coins that take up so much space in your pocket or purse. The pot isn't very full at the moment as it's only just been emptied and the contents taken to the Coin Star machine at the local supermarket - it takes quite a while to fill up as it's about 8" tall.


A day late, but two pics to make up for it.

These were both taken of shelves in one of our extra bedrooms that is being groomed to be a place for grandchildren to stay when they spend the night. Hence, that's where I store whatever toys we have left around here.

This one is a shelf of children's books with a couple of small toys in front of them

 photo P1010701_zpsebe0f001.jpg

This higher shelf has doll furniture that belonged to one of my grandmothers.

 photo P1010700_zps67477a5d.jpg