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Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

lizziebuffy2008 wrote in photo_scavenger


One of my favorite uses for the written word...


Various recipes, June 2013

brutti_ma_buoni wrote in photo_scavenger


Words as books are pretty good, especially if the successful author is a friend. (Caroline Shenton's The Day Parliament Burned Down, in the middle there, in my local bookshop. She was pleased!)

2012-08-26 12.41.42

For spaces, I love a good cloister. The central open space, the spaces in the 'walls' all round...
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Camera - panasonic lumix
spikereader wrote in photo_scavenger

Words and Spaces

My favourite quiz show of the moment - Only Connect on BBC4, largely comprising of words. This is the 'connecting wall' round - occasionally I can get one line of the 4 solved before the contestants!

Week 25 - Words

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