July 2nd, 2013

Whale door handle
  • ysilme


I find the view up into the standing rigging of a sailing ship against the sky one of the most beautiful things. If this were a ship still under sail, you would even be able to see proper (clew) lines for clewing up the square sails, but this is the Viking, permanently moored in the harbour of Gothenburg/Sweden. But without the sails, the rigging serves as lines directing the gaze to the mast top
and my imagination far beyond... ;o)


I had another photo that I was going to post for this prompt, but this morning I received a sympathy card from the North Hobart Veterinary Clinic where my cat Smokey was euthanased recently. Whilst it upset me to receive it I appreciated the gesture, and it seemed worthy of the prompt.

The cat on the card is very beautiful, but Smokey was an Australian Mist, which is a shorthair with spots. Just for the records, here is a pic of him as well.