July 6th, 2013



I am sooooo, far behind that I may never catch up, but here is my post for Space.

This was taken at DragonCon in Atlanta Ga. a few years back.  When I think of 'Space',
I always think of this guy:  William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk of the star ship, Enterprise.
"Space, the final frontier..."


Here are a few of my favorite toys that are lurking in various corners of the house.  I have
posed them here together for a quick photos.  You may recognize some of them.

The big guy all the way in the back is my son's ATAT model from Star Wars. On top of him are a
couple of little robot toys that I picked up somewhere and a tiny mouse that came in a Burger King
Kid's Meal. The Hello Kitty in the box is one of those ceramic banks that you paint (I haven't painted her
yet.) There is an Easter Sheep, a Captain Jack Sparrow toy,(a plastic rock is sitting in front of him)
and Pika Chu from the Pokemon cartoon series.
Yoda, a Beanie Baby sheep, some little Hello Kitty Lego figures, a couple of Angry Bird toys,
Pippin and Merry, a cow, my Winnie the Pooh from my first trip to Disney World, a couple of tiny,
yellow, rubber ducks, a Domo Kun figure,a deck of Star Trek playing cards in the box, a Dalek bank,
a set of mini Ninja Turtles, an orange Duncan YoYo, the red monster from the Bugs Bunny
Cartoons,( Gossamer was his name) and Garfield.

Too much?