July 28th, 2013

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Looking through my photos on my hard drive, it would seem that I have a thing about paths - I was spoilt for choice!

This is a picture of the field at the back of hobbitmum's house. You will note that there is a mowed pathway in the picture, and it extends for about 100 yards. How strange, you might think, to have a pathway going nowhere....
path over the field

It came about because hobbitmum's neighbour had a chainlink fence on the side of the garden backing onto the field, and she used to get her husband to cut the strip of grass on the other side of the fence (in the field) so that the weeds didn't come through the fence. Then horseriders, dog walkers etc seized on this nice smooth piece of grass in the field and used it constantly. This did not suit the lady of the house, who became distressed that a) her strip of grass was getting "untidy" and b) people were walking right past her garden on a daily basis. So she got her husband to cut another strip, this one bypassing the garden, and going right up to the gap in the hedge, meaning the dogwalkers and horseriders used this path instead.

Seriously, he cut a 4 foot wide, by about 100 to 150 yard long triangular strip of grass every single week, right up until she died...

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