August 3rd, 2013

Oh Dear

Oh Dear!

You might wonder why this is an Oh Dear! picture...

 photo ohdear_zps946a663d.jpg

It is my shiny new 'Surface' tablet,with its keyboard cover, and my equally shiny new smartphone, both bought this week.

But Oh Dear! The idea was to simplify things - both have the same operating system, I would more or less synchronise them, and both would be pretty intuitive for me as they use Windows... at least that was the theory.

Daughter and husband both now agree (she has an almost identical phone, he has an identical tablet), that technology doesn't like me. Apps that work for both of them won't open for me, he says 'touch point A, you will see a message that says blah-blah-blah, follow the instructions.' I touch point A and get a totally different message.... and so on.

However, I have now made 2 phone calls and sent a couple of text messages, worked out how to set my ringtone and use the alarm - I'm almost up to where I was with my 5 year old not-smart phone!