August 5th, 2013


Oh Dear

Forgot to get this posted: this "deer" is only a few feet from my front door. Chowing down on spilled birdseed and whatever plants she can reach. Definitely an "Oh dear" situation. The second pic is of our herd of deer that lives around here in the wintertime. We've counted as many as 20 at one time... another "oh dear" situation.

 photo CIMG0907.jpg

 photo CIMG0468.jpg

Working on "old". I don't suppose publishing my birth certificate would be a good idea? LOL
notes from a small island


Taking up my own challenge quickly -

Lonan old church 022

That is a Celtic cross still standing where it was put when it was carved something like 1,400 years ago. Although I guess it stood up straight back then.

It is in the church yard of Lonan Old Church -

Lonan old church 008

Which was built in the twelfth century.

(There are a few more pictures on my Flickr Account, if you are interested.)