August 9th, 2013



In lieu of posting my birth certificate (or worse yet, a photo of me), here is the very old tree that had collapsed in our woods and as it rotted, gave the appearance of mouth agape monster lurking just off the front yard. Alas, at some point in the past year or so, it has continued to fall apart and no longer looks like anything but a rotting log.

treemonster photo treemonst.jpg
Photography by endlessdeep


Could I be any further behind? I doubt I'll ever catch up, but at least I can prove I'm not dead by posting this photo of a detail of an ancient Egyptian temple. I forget whose temple it is, but it's on an island in the Nile, and this shot was taken from a boat as we passed by.

 photo TempleIMG_1118_zps4c434c2f.jpg

PS - I considered simply posting a picture of myself for this prompt but decided against it. *g*