August 22nd, 2013

DJ - plaited!


Back in 2003 my horse, Jaykub, died at the age of 10 ... and on the day of his death my best friend gave me my namesake, a 4 year old Connemara pny on permenant loan.

I did most of his training, but in 2010 my life went through quite a few changes, including a house move ... so with much regret, but loads of amazing memories I handed him back .....

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DJ now lives in Windsor (near the Queen!), and works for Riding For The Disabled.


Sorry to be so late - Photobucket wasn't liking me this week and refused to upload my pictures. Finally got them - so for "new" I've got a picture of our dining room floor when it was freshly re-finished last summer; as well as a picture of the new table I got to go in there. Best I could do with "new". :)

 photo P1000378_zpsb000890a.jpg


 photo P1000904_zpsab76fd94.jpg