September 25th, 2013

  • ysilme

Colour me French

Our recent holiday to the Loire Valley in France and its beautiful castles provided me with some lovely answers to the recent prompts.

For colour, let me share some interior design of the Renaissance wing of Blois castle with you:

Stained glass windows in the chapel of the Queen's apartments

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Whale door handle
  • ysilme


What better illustration of "square" than the amazing vegetable gardens of Villandry Castle in the Loire valley?

At the time of the layout of the original gardens, in the Renaissance, many vegetables had been brought to Europe only very recently, and were precious and rare. Every lord and lady of the manor therefore preferred to have easy but also decorative access to them to see for themselves if the new plants grew well and got used tot he different climate. Borrowing the square patterns of monastery vegetable and herb gardens, the idea of this type of Renaissance garden was born and reconstrcuted later at Villandry castle. They consist today of nine large squares, nearly all filled with veggies, herbs and some fruit, all planted in the most decorative way possible, but also all harvested and used for eating.
The green hedges surrounding each of the large squares are very low-cut espalier apple trees, only about hip-height but bearing lots of fruit. In this square, you also see red begonias, black radishes (the horizontal green stripes), eggplants (the small dark strips forming the middle cross), tiny black peppers in the dark violet squares, white decorative (but edible) cabbage, artichockes (the four small squares nearly in the center) and four "crosses" of celery.
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