October 5th, 2013


This is a circle, but strictly speaking it is a globe, in the shape of a dandelion puff ball, located in Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia. This is one of my favourite photos, I hope you like it.


This small, square building disguises an emergency generator adjoining a train station in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney. There are a number of them, but this was the only decent pic I managed to get that day.


This is a rather ropey photo, but it's a surprisingly hard prompt, so please forgive me!

Montpellier 2013 296

The Grand Hotel Du Midi, Montpellier, which is the triangular pointy end of a city block. (Technically, I suppose it's a trapezium, since they just nipped the point off for those balconies, but let's not quibble...) It makes for some quite interestingly shaped bedrooms - I was one room along from the pointy end, and distinctly not living amid right-angles for my stay! Also, I love that kind of Railway Age confidence that puts your hotel name in Art Nouveau script and gold like that.