November 6th, 2013

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Catch up post

Where to start... Ok, I am not only behind on the challanges but also all of your posts so I'm sure similar pix have been posted.

I left off when the word ARCH came up but I had started with that but it never got posted. Now however, I am changing to another pic because I'm gonna go with the same place for the words I've missed. (Unless I've missed a word in between)

"Monasterio de Piedra" is the place. A beautiful old monastary and park in the mountains of the Iberia system, (province of Zaragosa), Spain.

The monastery is situated by the Piedra(stone) river and it's a canyon like area. The monastery was founded 1194 but abandoned in 19th centuary, it was later bought by a farmer, and it was his son that created the park by planting and making pathways.

 photo Arch2_zps648e8640.jpg
This is one of the ruins of the monastery. And I thought it really illustrated the few remaining archs on the right in a lovely way. I could have chosen others from this monestery but I have a soft spot for ruins. :)

Next few words... Looking Up, Looking Down and Looking Out... I am saving time by using the same place and motive.

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Look out

Paralympic day 7 September 2012 022

Many look out elements here - looking out of the windows of the Thames clipper [boat] I'm travelling in. Look out! There's a warship up ahead [HMS Belfast - big, isn't she, when you see her from the water?]. And lookout - because of course such a well-conducted ship, if she were still commissioned, would have at least one lookout.