November 10th, 2013


Look Up, Look Down

I know I'm behind, but I finally got some good shots!

Look up!

A Native Arizonan Gila Woodpecker amidst imported European starlings...

Look down!

Unsure what little birds these are mingling with one of the wild Phoenix flocks of peach-faced lovebirds (also an import, obviously... they're natives of Africa, but have become widespread in Phoenix):

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notes from a small island

Look Out

I went to town this afternoon, with the intention of then going out the other side, slightly, to take a specific picture. But I auto-pilotted and found myself more than half-way home before I remembered...

So, instead, one from the album -

365 week 38 Monday

That is a statue of motor-cycle champion the late Steve Hislop, looking out over Douglas bay.