November 11th, 2013

Pippin flower - annwyn55


When I started looking for a dog to adopt in 2010, I wasn't trying to find one that looked like my childhood pet, Twinkles. But Life is strange, and the wee pup a friend of mine discovered at an adoption event was so calm and adorable, she called me up immediately and said, "I found your dog!" My friend never met my previous dog, so she had no idea that Pippin looked so much like her. Twinkles was 30 pounds heavier, and her nose was loooonger, but otherwise the resemblance is remarkable. And so I remember sweet Twinkles, and hope I'm being an even better mommy to sweet Pippin.

Here's an old, scanned photo of Twinkles, taken in about 1967.

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No one was better at making sure future generations would remember them than the ancient Egyptians, and yet Abu Simbel was almost drowned by the creation of the Aswan Dam. Thanks to an international consortium it was saved, so not only are Rameses II and his queen, Nefertari, remembered, I'll always remember my trip to Egypt.

 photo AbuSimbelResize.jpg