November 28th, 2013

Whale door handle
  • ysilme

Linking countries

We love to travel to Scandinavia and particularly Sweden, but it is not exactly around the corner. Living in Southern Germany that means first driving through most oft he country, about 700km - a distance some of you might smile indulgently about, but for us Central Europeans, it is quite a distance to drive! Then, the fun only starts. Either we take a ferry to Sweden, which usually takes at least 6 hours or goes overnight, or we drive through most of Denmark until we can cross over to Sweden. Untili 2000, one needed to take a short ferry across, too, but since then, there is this marvellous new bridge, the Øresund bridge. I've taken pictures each time we crossed, but only found those of the before last crossing - always from Sweden to Denmark which are neither my best nor the most spectacular. But somehow it always rained or was overcast. *g*

I love to watch how these huge pylons appear, tower over you and vanish again, and again from the start.

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