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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

lizziebuffy2008 wrote in photo_scavenger


A definition of media using one of the forms to get it...


camera happy
cairistiona7 wrote in photo_scavenger


Pen, ink and paper... a type of media in danger of becoming lost to computers and word processors and digital files.

 photo IMAG2627-1-1-1-1_zps26a0f7a9.jpg
I like writing down quotes and random thoughts in the old-fashioned way, in a journal.

("V.M" being "Viggo Mortensen". It's a quote from the Introduction he wrote for Best American Nonrequired Reading 2004.)

Dr 11
wildrider wrote in photo_scavenger


Ah, this one will take more than one picture...

The left-hand side is mostly CDs (the ones I haven't ripped to my computer), cookbooks, games, and VHS tapes; the right-hand side is DVDs (three deep on each shelf, the two cases hold 40 each). The middle (behind guest cat) are some more VHS tapes.

And more!Collapse )


brutti_ma_buoni wrote in photo_scavenger


You say media, I think art. So I offer you a somewhat random shot of a hotel lobby, which is decorated with art in the media of "some gloves" and "acrylic paint". (I'm pretty sure it's acrylic not oil. I didn't sniff it to be sure...)

Montpellier 2013 094

Daisy Sam
semyaza wrote in photo_scavenger


Aloysius. Over 40 and as disagreeable as the day I got him.


Whale door handle
ysilme wrote in photo_scavenger

Media means...

... among other things, a means of communication to convey information. So have two of my favourite means of conveying information: a book (conveying words and stories) and a cup of tea (conveying taste and sometimes desired  effects).

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