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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

Camera - panasonic lumix
spikereader wrote in photo_scavenger


In the study we have a small six-drawer unit, and in one of the drawers I store a variety of digital recording media and accessories, handy for when I need to copy something from the PC.

Week 03 - Media

curiouswombat wrote in photo_scavenger


I took this picture a while ago - but I do like it!

Technology photo technology.jpg

And then I saw spikereader's neat media picture and thought you might like to see the caddy that is meant to keep all our media related remote controls neat and tidy. Except that it has slowly grown other things - like my MP3 player, a couple of rulers, some scissors, a card with a recipe for pepper cake... and a few more odds and ends!