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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

grey_wonderer wrote in photo_scavenger


This is a photo taken near the Mississippi River while on a trip to New Orleans.
I did a bit of photo shop on the color and the framing. I hope that's allowed.
I loved the way these birds were perched on this statue.

And because only one bird photo isn't enough...

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camera happy
cairistiona7 wrote in photo_scavenger


nutmeg3's photo helped me remember I have these tucked away for next Christmas:

 photo IMAG2604-1_zps7261342e.jpg
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slaymesoftly wrote in photo_scavenger


I'm skipping media because mine would look like almost everyone else's - a pile of dvds, a tv set, etc. For this prompt, I'm showing off my grandchildren. Clearly the picture was taken at a much nicer time of year. I think early fall, but I'm not sure now.

well beloved photo IMG_0268_zps0b5f72ae.jpg

slaymesoftly wrote in photo_scavenger


It's been a good week for birds, although they rarely hang around until I can grab the camera and get into position to take their pictures. Today, all we seem to have right now are cardinals (lots of cardinals) and a small flock of sparrows. Usually, there would be juncos, chickadees, various and sundry finches, blue jays, starlings, wood peckers of various sizes, and so on. Needless to say, just because I wanted to take their pictures…. (I could probably get some pics at the other feeder in the backyard, but that would entail standing around in the cold and snow until they stopped worrying about me and came back to feed. So not happening.LOL) Because today's pics are so boring, I also threw in one from yesterday where the hawk was perched over the pond. He very resolutely kept his back to us, so no face pics.

Without further ado…

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