January 27th, 2014

Camera - panasonic lumix


An ostrich (actually two, but the second is blending into the background) and some friends, taken last summer at Colchester zoo. I don't know what the smaller birds are, but I thought they were really pretty, particularly their head feathers.

Week 04 - Bird
Photography by endlessdeep
  • nutmeg3


Given how many mammal pictures I've taken over the years (in other words, the vast majority of all the pictures I've taken), I decided to set some boundaries for myself. None of my pets, nothing from the Bronx Zoo (or any zoo), and none of my favorite mammals. I decided I had to pick something I liked as much as a photo as for the subject matter, so here are three giraffes posing in the Serengeti.

 photo SerengetiGiraffesIMG_3459_zpseb4e0575.jpg