January 28th, 2014



Pics of my least favorite mammals. :)

Sitting in the dogwood tree and trying to decide if he should scamper across the roof and abuse the Japanese maple as he tries to jump to the bird feeder, or jump down and pull the lid off the seed container so he can just help himself...

 photo P1020087_zps0240497b.jpg

Standing at said bird feeder and attempting to eat everything that doesn't move…. I shudder to think what my front yard is going to look like this spring/summer.

 photo CIMG0907_zps75f87ea9.jpg

And almost twenty of her friends and relatives grazing in the field (which I wouldn't mind, if that's all they did. But deer are browsers. They eat everything - kinda like goats).

 photo CIMG0472_zpsbc7c7bc5.jpg