March 6th, 2014

Destroying Planets

Media (finally!)

I know I don't necessarily need to do these in order, but something in my brain won't let me skip around on the list... and it's taken me a bit to come up with a good photo for this topic. As is likely going to be a trend, people who are friends of mine will have seen this one already.

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Domestic Goddess


This is me owning up that I am most certainly not a Domestic Goddess when it comes to eating after work. I let M&S do most of the work.

So this is my guilty admission picture of my shopping;

scavenger shopping

All ready to eat, or just to pop in the oven or microwave, are such delights as lasagne, a chicken Jalfrezi and baby naans for S2C, ready prepared vegetables, ready made colcannon mash, a chicken and mushroom risotto, salad, desserts, cauliflower cheese, kievs....

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My high street currently has quite a decent mix of shops, including 5 supermarkets of different types and sizes. But it hasn't always been so; I can remember mum travelling to Croydon and Kingston for ingredients I wouldn't think of as obscure these days. What has been there, ever since I can remember, is the veg stall beside the library. It's a proper thing, not one of your fly by nights. Owned by a guy and his sons (and grandsons now), they get up at an ungodly hour to buy produce at New Covent Garden, and sell it to us from 8 till about 4pm, six days a week. I don't get there as much as I'd like these days, because it's not a timetable that works when you commute (I'm out of town about 7am to 6pm), but I try to stop by on Saturdays to get things the supermarkets don't sell (rhubarb, damsons, ripe fruit in general). My parents spend about £40 pw here; more in summer. Proper fruit and veg, properly sourced. Not fancy, not expensive, not exotic, not (mostly) organic. I'm still very glad they're around.
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One of the most famous places to shop doubtlessly is Paris. I've lived there for three years and came across the most fascinating and interesting shops in my life. Sadly, I don't have pictures of many of these, like the pest control shop with rows upon rows of taxidermied rats in the window, or my most favourite bookshop of used, English books who doubled as a tearoom and had a really good and affordable deal on tea, or the delicacies of the now-abandoned, famous Jewish bakery in the Jewish quarter, to name just a few. But I have a couple of my last visit four years ago, like this paint shop which is actually situated in two houses - the two most narrow houses of Paris.
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