March 16th, 2014



I've been hoping, all week, to catch the sunlight reflected on the sea for this challenge. But it seems to have been misty, or overcast, every time I've been near the sea.

So here, in the time honoured words of Blue Peter, is one I made earlier.

gulls 4

But I do have one taken especially for the prompt. On my drive to work each day there are now a few new leaves, and quite a few daffodils to be seen; it is what I always think of as spring's 'yellow phase'. But at one point I stop at a halt sign and, even in the overcast light, my eye has been caught this week by a real zing of bright colour opposite me -


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2014-03-14 13.26.55

I was going to go for bright spring flowers in bright spring sunshine, even though lots of you got there first, just because it's so cheering to see them. They're under the cut for you. But then I went to this exhibition of architectural variety, where one of the exhibits was a white structure of honeycombed plastic, that you could stick brightly coloured straws into. So people really, really have. It's fab.

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