May 26th, 2014

Photography by endlessdeep


I'm still playing catch-up, so here's food. Once again - do we see a pattern in my posts? - I went for an animal angle. Watermelon is my sugar gliders' favorite meal, so here's Bug taking a taste of heaven. That little tongue just kills me.

 photo WatermelonCrop2.jpg
Michael Camera by maddeinin


More catching up and more animals (of course). We have a wonderful exhibit of African wild dogs at the Bronx Zoo. Some of the smartest and most effective hunters - and one of the most altrusistic species - these gorgeous animals are also known as Cape hunting dogs and - wait for it - painted dogs.

This is pretty boring as photos go, but it's a great illustration of why they're called painted dogs. No two dogs have the same markings, but they all have white-tipped tails.

 photo WildDog1BronxZoo036_zps5801dab8.jpg

And since I have a weakness for photos of animal tongues (as you may have guessed from my last post), here's a personality shot for you.

 photo WildDog2BronxZoo067_zps264692fa.jpg
D-d does glam


This painting was done by a friend's daughter as part of her A level art portfolio (i.e. she was 17 at the time) about 24 years ago...


It is still n display in our living room, the subject is still rather fond of it herself. The icon is a more recent picture of her!

Challenge, Week 22.

The challenge this week is stand.

Also - for those who remember seeing posts, or comments, in the community from dougalsservant but are not also on my own friends' list, I am sorry to have to let you know that, sadly, she died peacefully at the weekend.

She enjoyed posting until she became too disabled to get out of the house to take pictures, and when I saw her a couple of weeks ago she was still saying that she had some pictures to post if she could only get them resized and uploaded... So I want you to know that your pictures gave her a good deal of pleasure.