August 24th, 2014

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I was thinking about sayings that include the idea of home and the phrase Home is where I hang my hat came to mind, so...

Not that I would actually choose to take up residence in Marks & Sparks.

And then I remembered the phrase Home and hearth, so I went looking for a nice hearth and found this one, which would have been pretty homely back in 1080.
In a fortress.
In the wilds of the North Lands.
It is the room called 'The Queen's Solar' in Newcastle's castle keep.



This may seem odd to some people but because I live a long way from anything worthwhile, I drive a great deal.  So, this is my home away from home, my car, Shadowfax.  I have eaten in this car and I have slept in it.  I have changed clothing in it.  I have had friends in it.  I have spent entire days in it.  I keep important things in it.  There are times when it is more like home to me than my house.

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