September 22nd, 2014


Favourite places

I love to visit the River which is about a mile from my home. The willows are beautiful


Another favourite place, further afield is Dyserth Falls in Wales


and I love to visit the beach and see the sea and the gulls.

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A favourite place

I haven't participated in far too long, so I hope you'll take me back! ;o)
Here is one of my favourite places, Ristinge beach on Langeland island, Denmark. I get there only about once every other year or less, but I've been there since my childhood and this is also the place I withdraw to to meditate or just find inner peace when it's not to be found outside.

I'm trying to catch up doing the old challenges as well as commenting to the older entries, too, but I'm afraid they are far too many to manage them all.
Pippin Dreams - Annwyn55


Here's a scanned picture of Twinkles, the dog who shared my childhood. We got her when I was six (and she was six weeks old), and she passed into the West when I was 22.


I didn't pick my current Pip-dog because of her resemblance to Twinkles, but she does look quite a bit like her.