October 12th, 2014



I did not take this photo.  The guy who ran the parasailing company took it. It was all part of the experience.  This is one of the best rides I ever took.  The good-looking guy next to me is my nephew, Kevin.  He agreed to go up with me because I love to parasail.  The photo was taken in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2012.



I finally found the photo I wanted for 'confined'.
This is a long shot of the row of cubicals at work.  I no longer work in this building but next to each of those chairs is a tiny little cubical much like the ones in the film, "Office Space".  They are very confining and yet entirely too open to the other cubicals.  You can hear everything that goes on all at once whether you want to or not. ( And now, I'm caught up again.  Just in time to fall behind again next week.)