October 22nd, 2014

Jack Happy by jackshoegazer
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I'm so far behind I'll never catch up, but I did take a few photos a while back and finally put them on the computer. This is the face of one of my favorite watches, which itself contains eight more faces. (This would have done for "Square," too.)

 photo Face_zpsf94316e6.jpg
  • ysilme

Blocks in a block

My husband's work of the weekend:

We didn't use all of last year's firewood, so this year's supply didn't fit into our wood shack. So he made this which acutally is far too decorative to be used...
(And isn't he accomodating to anticipate this week's prompt in this way? *g* )
Photography by endlessdeep
  • nutmeg3


When I came back from the mountains on Labor Day weekend, I discovered that the city was putting in new storm drains. And as soon as I saw that the prompt was "square(s)," I knew I'd found my shot. Here's what I saw first, a pile of squares within squares, waiting to be installed.

 photo Squares1_zps160c8713.jpg

As they went in, the old ones were piled up in the same spot, though with the grates gone. I'm guessing they were destroyed as the drains were pulled out.

 photo Squares2_zpsd0db734e.jpg