November 9th, 2014



November brings a lot of specific things to observe round our way. For the 38th successive year I forgot it was the Lord Mayor's Show, so I missed the London copy of Magna Carta being paraded through the streets in a special coach.

I did see, though, these two November sights:

2014-11-08 14.29.412014-11-08 18.04.48

The first is someone giving money to the British Legion in aid of former servicemen and women, and getting a remembrance poppy in return. The second is a (very wet) Bonfire Night celebration, and a very large bonfire on which the guy has just gone up in smoke.

Under the cut I went today (which will be yesterday tomorrow, so there), to the Remembrance Sunday service at our war memorial. It's always a little chaotic, involving closing the main road, and shoppers and dog walkers getting entanged in the service. Plus people push around the way they'd never dream of doing in church. But it's my one observance of the year, and I wouldn't skip it. A highly pointed sermon this year, 100 years since the start of the First World War, about nationalism, and how every nation who went into that war had a narrative that they were doing the right thing. So beware of all our narratives, when they clash.

My photos are fine evidence that being short and on your own at these things means you get a lousy view, but seeing isn't really the point. You can, however, see the war memorial, the parade sargent, the band, and some of the wreaths that were laid. Honestly.

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