November 16th, 2014

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Following on from my post for 'Yesterday', last week, I thought Alice having drunk from the bottle with the label 'Drink Me' would work well for 'Small'.

It was difficult to get a good shot, because of the reflection on the glass of the window, but you can see small Alice coming into view while big Alice disappears, on the carousel at the back.

The next morning, before it was 'turned on', I managed a better close up -

And below the cut, for ysilme, a view of part of the shop frontage -

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notes from a small island


365 week 40 Thursday

That is the sign to Little London.

London in England has a population of 13 million inhabitants.

Little London on the Isle of Man is smaller. Very small you might say. It has a population of about 13 people...

Also - I've just realised that when I took the photo I tried hard to get the pole as the vertical line. If the horizon behind is anything to go by, it really wasn't!