November 22nd, 2014

  • thismaz


At the Church of St Thomas the Martyr, there is an exhibition of Miners Banners. This is the banner of the West Stanley Lodge.

And the reason this picture fits the prompt – a detail of the top right corner and the wheel at the top of the pit head.

In case anybody is interested - it is difficult to make out the detail on the banner, but the painting shows an angel, olive sprig in hand and the other hand held out in blessing over the houses, factory chimney and mine head.
At the bottom, under a line of clouds (or possibly smoke) is a miner in a pit galley. He is kneeling next to his lamp with his arms outstretched. The scroll near him reads, "The Unknown Miner".
Since these banners were used to lead the processions at funerals after mining disasters, I suspect this is a reference to the 1909 explosion of the West Stanley mine, when 158 men and boys were killed, but I imagine it is also a more general commemoration of all the miners who were killed at work.