December 8th, 2014

  • ysilme

Catching up: red & music

I'm again horribly behind on commenting on posts, and with the newest prompts. I wrote NaNo again, but it's   really bad for your social life...

A shed at the tiny fishing / yachting harbour where we spent a lovely holiday week in October (very literally, as the flats were in a row of houses erected on a former ferry quay).

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Week 50 Challenge.

mrowe said, in a comment, (prompt 'green' needed *g*). Which made me smile - because I planned to go with one of the prompts from Capturing December again, using one for this week, just as 'red' came from last week's 7 prompts.

And guess what? One of the list for this week is... green.

So that is your prompt for this week!