January 13th, 2015

Gerbil Thing
  • nutmeg3


This was a tough one, especially since my first thought was dog collar but I was beaten to the punch. So...

This is my recently deceased gerbil Thing 1 back when he was a baby. He and his identical-except-for-being-a-girl sister Thing 2 (who's still alive and kicking) had/have a pretty white shawl collar as part of their markings. (OK, it's a stretch, but...)

 photo Thing1.jpg
  • ysilme

Green is my favourite colour

so I found it difficult to decide what pictures to use. ;o)

When we've been to Villandry castle in the Loire valley in 2013, famous for its decorative vegetable gardens, there was a fascinating exhbition: vegetables or parts of them made from porcelain as artwork.
From left to right: the first I'm not really sure about, savoy, Chinese cabbage and white cabbage. They look so real you want to bite into them, and I would have so loved getting one of these had they not been so horribly expensive.

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