February 18th, 2015

notes from a small island


These are part of an enormous collection known as The Jurby Mice, some are knitted, some sewn, by a group in the north of the island - I think there must be at least 200 mice, possible more. They make up a number of tableaux of local life over the year, and are currently on an island-wide tour to raise funds for the Coronary Care Unit of our general hospital.

These are labelled as representing February, which is odd, as they show the Parish Walkers being given refreshments as they get close to Jurby church, where they will log in before setting off to the next of the island's churches about 12 miles on, the walk actually takes place in June...

But it was the one of the photos I took that showed most mice -

mice walk

And because they are so cute I couldn't resist adding another -

mice miners

Those are mouse miners.

If you want to see more there are more in my album here on Flickr.