February 28th, 2015

  • ysilme


To stay with the cute felines of my before-last contribution: this is what happens when they're having a ball with mommy's knitting.
Not in the picture is the Ariadne-like labyrinth of two balls of wool spun skillfully around furniture and bannister throughout the house, with both colours nicely interwoven, of course, and one of the culprits each killing the deathly foe with great enthusiasm.

Even worse, this is happening he second time now - the first time it was just the multicoloured wool of the first part, and it took me nearly four hours to untangle it. Of course I had put my knitting well away since then - or at least I thought I did. Now I know my adept little girl is also able to undo the double knot of the handles of the cotton bag where I keep my knitting in.
And most astonishingly, they managed to not lose a single needle or stitch on both times.