March 31st, 2015

Michael Camera by maddeinin


Back in 2007 I took an amazing trip to Madagascar. One day we went to a market, where everyone was incredibly friendly and we were very definitely objects of curiosity, as was my camera. A lot of people wanted me to take their picture so they could see themselves on the screen. These guys stepped up, and right afterwards I took a shot of the three guys (you can only see two here) watching from the doorway. Even though they had little to no English and I had zero French or Malagasy, we were all just people and communicated fine.

 photo MarketGuys2_zps5tgj9xlz.jpg
Jack Snow


I decided to respond to this prompt with a picture of a place that makes me happy, so of the many possibilities I opted for the Adirondack Mountains, where I'll be going in the morning. Every April my friend P, who I've known since first grade and who lives about 7 hours away from me, and I get together at a cabin way up north in the middle of a 600+-acre Boy Scout camp. There's no internet or cell service, so we just hang out and read and talk and walk the dogs in the woods. It's still winter up there, so there will be tons of snow on the ground and the lakes will be at least partly frozen, and we always get at least one new snow, besides. It's just heavenly, and being there makes me very happy. I've never taken a picture of our actual cabin, but here's a creepy tree in the woods around it.

 photo Happy aka Creepy Tree Edit_zpscetf23ub.jpg