November 29th, 2015

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Pattern is such a broad prompt. I have lots of photos that contain a 'a repeated decorative design', which is one of the definitions I got from the dictionary, but I couldn't decide which epitomised the idea best.

So I gave up and went digging in my cloth box to find some patterns of a different sort.


Pattern (black and white)

...And lots of greys :-)

A still life from last year's Spot Prawn Festival in Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island. There was an outdoor cooking demonstration, and the chef had just wandered away from his prep table.

Spot Prawn Festival still life, Cowichan Bay, Canada

Detail of courtyard paving, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC:

Tangle of kelp stalks at the sea's edge, Victoria, BC. Not sure if this counts as a pattern though :-P

Tangle of kelp stalks at the sea's edge, Victoria, Canada
notes from a small island


Some of my favourite patterns are the interlaced Celtic and Viking ones...

Andreas 12b

Maughold crosses b

Those are some of the many such stones that remain in our village churches on our small island. The top ones are at Andreas, the bottom one is at Maughold.


Since my last holiday was to the Art Biennale in Venice, I have a whole lot of weird pictures for this prompt. But I quite like this one - a standalone artwork of this patterned wall/roof curving over a space where you could stand to hear music. Beyond, you can see the long, long sheds of the Arsenale display space, with people looking at many other pieces.