January 23rd, 2016



My "natural" divider wall between my property and my neighbors. It's slightly weighed down from the snow we got recently. It was a wet snow so I had to got out and "beat the bushes" to make the poor things stand back up straight and tall.

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Chocolate + Earth


Having had a "busy" year lasy year I don't think I posted here at all ... but I am going to try to get them all done this year (although I am already playing catch-up)

Yesterday, my neighbour had solar panels fitted ... in fact they are so new, they are not even in place yet!

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Carolyn - Red


A Gaudi wall from Park Guell in Barcelona, where we spent a lovely five days last July. Unfortunately we arrived too late to get tickets into the 'statue' area (that's the second time we've been there and haven't seen the mosaic statues - last time was about 25 years ago and the Park was closed when we got there! Maybe third time lucky when we go sans children and do all the museums that we wanted to see and they didn't).

Barcelona (206)