March 13th, 2016



Pink sort of lends itself to flowers, doesn't it?


But these are silk ones in the jug my late friend Dorothy gave me -


And something a little different -

March 2010 k

I've no idea who the little girl is - she just caught my eye as she was feeding the ducks in St John's Arboretum. The Arboretum was planted 37 years ago to celebrate The Millennium. Yes - that would be the Great Millennium of 1979; the 1,000th birthday of our 'parliament' the Tynwald.


How can I not do something as easy as a color? Here is one from last summer - nothing in that pond yet but a few hopeful frogs:

 photo CIMG1682.jpg

It's really not time for these yet, but the leaves are up.

 photo CIMG1886.jpg

I wanted to do one of the cherry blossom trees, but the only one I have on PB is when the flowers have already faded to white, so....