July 31st, 2016



I have taken so many pictures of the river, or looking out to sea, and have posted a number of them here, so I thought I would have trouble picking out one more for this prompt. But in fact, I took this picture this week and when I downloaded it from my camera it seemed to choose itself.

The mouth of the river, early on a summer's morning.

It is half tide and that island is the highest point of a bank called The Black Middens. It is covered at full tide and in the days before ships had engines was the cause of a number of wrecks.

Implement & Hat

Still trying to catch up - so using a couple of last years photos.

Well you can't get a better image than this taken at The Tower of London!!
 photo DSC_0521_zps1qlyxqxf.jpg

This is probably the last phot of Mum, and certainly of Mum & Dad.  Dad always wore a hat when he was out - much to Mum's despair!!  They are working on the front garden, supervised by Jiffy, of course.
 photo DSC_0254_zpsnelopyfm.jpg