January 29th, 2017



"Middle" is a challenging prompt, and I had to dig a bit... but here goes, with a couple of seaside pics.

First, a shot of people strolling along the Ogden Point breakwater in Victoria, British Columbia, shortly before the powers that be added a railing to it. The walkers look like they're floating in the middle of 2 parallel landscapes. The upper one is "real" (a view of the Olympic Mountains in neighbouring Washington state), while the lower one shows a detail of the Na'Tsa'Maht (Unity Wall) mural by local artists of the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations.

And a 5-year-old photo of Damien Hirst's (in)famous statue Verity. This fully-naked, half-flayed pregnant woman stands 66.4 feet tall at the entrance of Ilfracombe harbour. Thanks to the temporary presence of the annual Ilfracombe fair (and a little trompe-l'oeil), it looks like she's emerging from the middle of a teacup!



It took a bit of searching to find a good photo for this one... and I probably would have been easier if I'd just gone out and taken something new. However, I did find this really good one taken a year ago yesterday... I recall I was in our closet and kept hearing loud purring. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from for the longest time and then I finally spotted Numfar... in the middle and very happy.

notes from a small island


I have been looking for a picture for 'middle' all week.

I had got as far as this one - in the middle of winter, in the middle of a rather derelict bit of ground, I found -


A single, solitary primrose.

But then it occurred to me that I should, instead, focus on Middle with a capital M. Middle is one of the six sheadings, the ancient divisions of the Small Island on which I live.

I took this picture about the middle of Middle -

St Runius

I like that sign - it looks as if it is almost as old as the church!

If you want to see a little more of St Runius church Collapse )