April 9th, 2017



I don't live with a pet, so I couldn't do a Paws photo and Pause had me puzzled until I thought to look at the dictionary definition.
One of the definitions read, 'a temporary stop in action or speech' and I thought about traffic lights.

So here is the amber light below the red one, which is saying, "Wait, wait, nearly, but not quite yet". And then they both went out and the light went green.


Paws and pause

I decided to do both :-)

A close-up of the silken paws of Twinkletoes, our neighbour's cat, relaxing on the carpet.

Twinkletoes the cat

And a scene from the fairground: that terrifying moment on the "Kamikaze" when the two carriages pause at the top before plunging downwards at breakneck speed.

The Kamikaze - fairground ride