September 24th, 2017

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White and Blue

Catching up again, having been away for a couple of weeks.

The White Company, looking a little less white than usual since in a mad burst of extravagance it seems to have expanded into grey and black.

And blue - a little bit fuzzy, but it is rare that I pass this window when the light is on inside so I can't go back and re-shoot. I have always admired this imaginative alternative to blinds or curtains. The multicoloured half is a film applied directly to the glass.
However, for the purposes of this prompt - those are definitely blue bottles balanced on the top of the lower sash.
  • thismaz


I knew I had these photos, but it has taken me ages to find them.

This is Tynemouth Metro Station, which is gradually being restored to its Victorian glory, courtesy of the proceeds of a flea market held there every Saturday and Sunday. I like the way the shadows of the wrought iron railings curve away in this shot.

And a close up taken from the platform side.