November 7th, 2017

marcus 2013

Lights: Laser and Lemonade

An oldy but a goody, a little experiment with my green laser and a bottle of cloudy lemonade from July 2010

You can't usually see a laser beam like that, but the bottle was full of water vapour (I'd just opened and closed it) and that's what the beam is shining through before it hits the liquid. Probably taken with my old Nikon D50, I don't remember.


I just love how the light from the opposite (stained glass) window shines on the stonework. I took this last week at the private chapel in the Bishop's Palace of Wells
 photo DSC_0937_zpszpcsv3wv.jpg

If you are going to have a light fitting, then why not this pair? They were from the lounge of Breaker's Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island (the holiday home of the Vanderbilts)
 photo DSC_0759_zpshkpfkcei.jpg